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Girls and young women are often taught to be nice, polite, or agreeable. They grow up believing that it's more important to be liked than respected. This makes them easy targets for manipulation by their peers in situations like bullying or sexual harassment at school.

"I wish I could say this book isn't needed," says author Regina E. Coley "But unfortunately the subject matter is too much of a necessity to overlook."

Non-Negotiables will help girls learn how to stand up for themselves. It explains why they should never allow anyone to make them feel small, insecure, or unsafe again - even if it means risking losing friends or upsetting people close to you who don't understand your values. The book teaches readers how they can live with integrity no matter what other people think of them - because the most important person whose opinion matters is yourself!

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stand up for yourself and have your needs met

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With Non-Negotiables You'll Learn:

To define their personal values and non-negotiables

How decisions affect those non-negotiables

How to stand strong in their convictions and make sure their needs are heard and respected

How to strengthen their voice and set boundaries with confidence

How to communicate effectively with parents and peers alike

How to communicate what you need from others in clear, direct ways

Awareness of societal issues


We all want our girls to be empowered and confident, but it can be hard for them to know how.

As parents, teachers, and mentors we want to protect our girls from heartache and disappointment, but sometimes this means taking away their voice in the process. It's important that we give them a platform where they can ask questions about sex, relationships, and values without being judged or shamed. We can no longer hope they learn, we have to ensure it by giving them the right tools and having tough but necessary conversations.

Non-Negotiables is a book written for adolescent girls and young adults to help empower them to speak up for themselves and make sure their values are met in every situation. The book helps show your daughter what her non-negotiable standards should be when making decisions on everything from friends, boys/relationships, family time & money through stories of other strong women who have overcome challenges while staying true to their beliefs. Voice is the most valuable tool our young ladies have and this book will help them strengthen it!

many talk about voice and confidence BUT FEW Teach you HOW TO define yours


Regina E. Coley is an Educational Consultant and Speaker. She helps parents, teachers, and eduprenuers to cultivate their genius with diverse learning solutions. She strategically creates, consults, and coaches inclusive schools, students, and systems to increase achievement and advancement. As the founder of MotivatHER Inc., she curates safe spaces and content to motivate and inspire women and girls with a heavy emphasis on girls of color.

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