The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™is a new coaching program that inspires women to build brilliant businesses.

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Are you ready to build?

I believe that women have the power to change the world.

I also believe that we, as women, need our own space to share our experiences and learn from one another to harness our full potential. That's why I created The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™.

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™ is a visionary, results-oriented women's business and leadership coaching program and the most effective, innovative, and powerful way to achieve better personal and professional results.

In this 90-day coaching program, you'll get clear on limiting beliefs about yourself and replace them with new truths about who you are and what you're capable of. Dive deep into your past to understand your habits, motivations, and behaviors. This will help you build the stamina required for entrepreneurship. You'll also create a 90-day action plan on how to build your business and leadership—and then execute it!

You'll join a private community of other amazing women just like yourself so you can lean into your own power and cultivate your inner strength alongside your brilliant business.

Plus, we'll give you exclusive access to our Radiant Roadmap™, where we'll guide you through exercises designed to help you lead your company with radiance.

Get a powerful push, lasting transformation, and lifetime opportunity.

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An incredible acclerated learning experience

World-class leadership and business training for women of significance

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Let me help you make your mark!

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™ is a 90-day coaching program for women ready to make their mark!

We're not talking about just anyone. We're talking about YOU—the woman dreaming of the day when she can finally take control of her life. The one who feels like she's been waiting for her moment but can't seem to reach it. That's okay! You don't have to wait any longer. We're here to help you find it NOW.

The MotivatHER Business Acceleratoris designed to help you see yourself in a new way—a way that makes you feel like YOU can do anything. You'll leave this program feeling more confident, clear, and courageous than ever, armed with the tools you need to take on the business world.

Ready? Let's go! We will get clear by focusing on:

Your business concept

Your key markers for success

Your Business and Strategic Plan (templates included)

Your Marketing and Communications Plan (templates included)

Time Management and Your Self-Care Plan (templates included)

Product Plan, Service Plan and Program Plan (templates included)

Shift from ideation to implementation

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™ will help you discover your unique strengths, develop new skills, and build the confidence you need to thrive as an entrepreneur.

This isn't just another course on how to build a business. It's a dynamic process that combines self-discovery and practical coaching to help you achieve your goals. You won't be just another client here, we get to know you and your vision.

If you're looking for that level of accountability, The MotivatHER Business Accelerator™ is the perfect fit!

A weekly group coaching call

Weekly homework assignments designed to keep it simple and help you get clear on where YOU want to go next

Get clear on what it means to be radiant and how your business will stand out

Identify your "glow" and make it real

Set goals that help you achieve positive outcomes in your business and allow you to live your best life

Develop the strategies to achieve those goals

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Are you a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd?

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator is for you.

Imagine a world where you can step into your significance and shine. Imagine a world where you can step into the forefront of your industry and lead the way, knowing that you'll be heard, respected, and appreciated for your work.

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator is designed to guide women in this world.

The M.B.A. Curriculum

A Sneakpeak into the M.B.A. Playbook...

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Branding is the key to your success. It's how you tell the world who you are and what you do so that people can find your company and know exactly what to expect when they do. In the accelerator, we help you create a brand that will grow with your company as it grows. We cover everything from color schemes and fonts to website design, social media strategies, and more-all while keeping in mind that most new businesses don't have huge marketing budgets.

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Leadership + Innovation

As a leader in the field, you must keep up with the current trends and technologies that help you create more effective products and services for your clients. The accelerator provides you with the tools you need to stay on top of your game you that you can provide your clients with the best possible service. We also design our training for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to develop their skills to lead their teams to success. We will focus on innovative solutions to push the boundaries of your company's products and services.

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Digital Product Creation

We offer a variety of training on a streamlined process for creating products that will increase your sales and customer base and introduce you to simple platforms to manage all aspects of your company from one place. We even include templates to get you started creating products and have your offers ready to go by the end of the program!

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The business accelerator covers the basics of marketing, including how to define your marketing strategy and what makes a good campaign. We also cover how to track your results and evaluate the success of your campaign. We delve into compelling sales pages that convert, grow your email and text lists, and how to build a loyal following on social media.

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Systems & Processes

You'll learn how to use systems and processes to streamline your business and make it more efficient. Find out how to set up programs that help reduce costs and improve productivity. Gain access to various tools and resources to help you expand your reach and grow your customer base.

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Be a Radiant Business Leader with the MotivatHER Business Accelerator.

Your "glow-up" is welcomed here!

Your Brilliant Business Bonuses

10 Tips for Finding Time to Invest in Coaching with Kids, Relationships, and Responsibilities

If you're like so many of us, you feel like you're always running from one thing to the next. Whether it's your child's school, your job, making a home for your family or even your relationships–life can get out of balance pretty quickly. That's where a coach comes in. A coach can help you identify the areas that need attention and provide ideas and guidance on how to successfully reach those goals. But is there time? Of course! This guide will give you some ideas on how to make that happen.

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How to Suceed as a Woman in Business Who Is Raising A Family

Can you really succeed as a woman in business and still raise a family? Absolutely! As a mother of eight, I know how it feels to juggle work and family. But there is no reason you can't do both! Many successful women believe they're too busy with their families to reach their goals professionally. This guide will help you understand the three different types of women in business (you know you're one of them!) and the strategies needed to get started on your way to success.

How to Use the Radiant Roadmap & Grow Your Thought Leadership

The Radiant Roadmap is a teaching tool we use at MotivatHER Inc to grow thought leadership and influence. The guide will teach you how to use it and how to leverage your expertise in the digital age.

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A Woman's Guide to Investing In Herself and Always Seeing a Return

Finally, a guide that addresses the barriers women face when it comes to investing in themselves and always seeing a return. From setting goals, working through fear and reaching your potential, this empowering guide is a must-have for any woman who wants to create the life she truly deserves.

1:1 Strategy Kickoff Call

This conversation is designed to give you the tools and guidance to get off of the launch pad, but also make sure that you're not stuck in place. We cover: direction and strategy, how to plan out your days and months with clarity, overcoming fear, how to tell your story and why it's important, mastering your mind and more!

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Hi, I am Regina Coley

CEO of MotivatHER Inc, Founder of Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc, Host of She Cultivates LIVE, and Your MBA Coach!

I’m Regina E. Coley, and I help women to understand their significance, radiate their brilliance, and make their mark! As a wife and mama of eight, I know how life can get in the way of achieving your best if you allow it to consume you. I hope this program helps simplify and sustain your business for you and create the products and services you've been dreaming of offering. Your biggest dreams are welcome here. I'm giving you my biggest, warmest hug and rooting for you like crazzzyyyyyy!

I look forward to seeing you in the program!

**We Also Offer Buy Now Pay Later with No Money Down for 6 Months via Our Partnership with PayPal **

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With this PayPal "Pay Later" Credit option you get complete and full access to The MotivatHER Business Accelerator. You pay nothing today. You have no payments and zero interest for 6 months. You can choose either option you like as long as you qualify. By choosing this option, PayPal will pay us today, and PayPal will give you 6 months to pay off your purchase, interest-free. See terms at PayPal during checkout for complete details. Select the button on the order form that says PAY LATER.


Log in to PayPal or create a PayPal account in Advance of Registering (the PayPal Credit option is only viewable once logged in). On The MotivatHER Business Acceleratororder form, select PayPal Pay Later as your payment option.

Select the PayPal Credit option and complete the application. If approved, you will have a completed order. If not approved, PayPal will ask you to submit another form of payment or cancel the transaction.

If you have been approved for partial funding, feel free to email our team at to arrange a balance payment. If you experience any challenges, feel free to contact us via email at Our team is more than happy to support you!

No Refund Policy: We are unable to offer refunds for The MotivatHER Business Accelerator. Our payment system is designed to help you create momentum and follow-through so you can make the most of your investment in yourself. However, if you are unable to complete the program for any reason, you may transfer your registration to another person within 14 days of enrollment. So - if you're committed and ready to change your life and business - register today!

The MotivatHER Business Accelerator

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